My Week With Marilyn is a smash with Smith

by Rachel Smith

As one of my idols, the portrayal of Marilyn Monroe has to be outstanding for me to even begin to enjoy a film about her. Michelle Williams, who played Marilyn in her new movie My Week with Marilyn, captured Marilyn’s beauty, sensuality, and elegance.
Alongside Williams, Eddie Redmayne played Colin Clark, an employee of Sir Laurence Olivier’s, who documents the tension between Marilyn and Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) during the production of “The Prince and the Showgirl”.
The movie is based on a missing week from Colin Clark’s journal titled “The Prince and the Showgirl and Me.”
This movie was one of the best I’ve seen in my entire life. I was afraid I would be disappointed in Williams portrayal of Marilyn, but I was completely blown away.


Student Council selling chocolate messages for Valentine’s Day

by Tossie Kinnaman

Do you want to give a certain someone something for Valentine’s Day? Now is your chance to do so. During the week before Valentine’s Day (Feb 6-10), you can buy a message paper from a student council member. The council members will be going from classroom to classroom during activity period selling papers. The papers cost $1 and during activity period on February 14, Valentine’s Day, the person you sent your letter to will get the letter and a candy bar that you will be able to choose at the time of writing your message.

“Wings” Trilogy By Apirlynne Pike is Ready For Take-Off

By Brittany Campbell

The “Wings” trilogy, by Aprilynne Pike, is an enthralling book series that is dominated by suspenseful romance, ethereal faerie magic, and intriguing twists to historical and mythological events. “Wings” is the first book in the trilogy, followed by “Spells” and then “Illusions”. The series, having been ranked # 90 in Top Teen Reads for 2011 is the first book series written by Pike and has now made her a notable author of young adult literature.

Throughout the series, readers follow a seemingly normal high school girl named Laurel Sewell during her life at Del Notre High in Crescent City, and also among other places like the mystical world of Avalon. As a group of four, Laurel and her friends must complete Laurel’s mission with her as she faces destiny. The existences of two completely opposite worlds collides into a magical adventure that will engulf the reader deeper into this imaginary world with every chapter. Never is there a dull moment, and the books are full of twists and surprises. Will Laurel decide to follow her mission, or decide that she is the maker of her own destiny?

The book series is available for both the Nook and the Kindle, and print copies can be purchased off of Amazon online. This book is definitely worth the read, and will not fail to disappoint anyone who likes fantasy or supernatural plots. By the end, readers will be in agony over the anticipation of Pike’s fourth book in the series.

How to Clean Cat Urine Out of Anything

by Lauren Voyles


If you have a cat, you may know how bad cat urine smells, and how unpleasant it is to have on your bed, carpet, sofa, or clothes. You may have tried before to remove the stains and/or odors without success. There are many commercial cat urine cleaners, but not all of them work. You might have thrown things away because you think that you just can’t get the smell out. Thankfully, there are ways to remove all evidence of cat urine from carpets, furniture, and clothing.

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Voyles Now Selling Hogwarts House Scarves

by Lauren Voyles

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter books or movie series (or both)? SHS Junior Lauren Voyles is knitting and selling Hogwarts House-themed scarves. Voyles is selling scarves for each of the four Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

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“Puss in Boots” continues the story from the world of Shrek and co.

by Paige DeNardi

In the Shrek spinoff Puss in Boots, Antonio Banderas voices the classic children’s character Puss in Boots who goes on a mission to find the magic beans he has been searching for so incessantly for years. Along the way he meets some interesting characters Continue reading

SADD Members face protestors at Capitol building

by Brittany Campbell

On November 22nd, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break for students at SHS, members of the Salem High School SADD group went on a field trip to the Indiana State Capitol building. The members of the group were going to the Capitol building to raise awareness about their county SADD chapters, the attending SADD member’s job being to track down the state representatives from their county and inform them about the activities and goals of their SADD chapters to gain some PR for the group. The members that attended from Salem SADD were; Amber Hollen, Angie Hollen, Brittany Campbell, Kaileen Martin, Lisa Wynn, Nicole Gibson, Tossie Kinnamon, Tracey Hammock, and Tyler Sizemore. They were accompanied by their sponsor Mrs. Jeanne Page. The group met up with other SADD chapters from across the state and their State Coordinator Jamie Vickery to set up a meet and greet with pamphlets about SADD, doughnuts, and coffee to welcome the representatives to work.

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