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Vices and Virtues a “Panic!” Return to Form?

By Charlie Seabolt

Panic (with or without the exclamation point) At The Disco is better known for their single “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” created the band’s third studio album released in March of 2011. Though getting to the point of a third album was a little rocky to say the least. Continue reading


Harry and The Potters

By: Paige DeNardi

                The newest sensation in songs about books, Harry and the Potters, has hit the mainstream. With songs like “Never Going to the Bathroom Again,” “Save Ginny Weasely,” and “Accio Hagrid,” they are the perfect band for hardcore Harry Potter fans like myself. Their comic alternative sound isn’t hard to listen to either.

“The lyrics like, ‘usually when people go to the bathroom, they come out relieved’ (From the song “Never Going to the Bathroom, Again”) make me laugh every time I hear them,” says SHS student Derek Catlett. “The songs are so stupid that they’re incredible.” The songs fit Harry Potter’s smug narcissistic attitude perfectly. So well, that you might actually come to believe that Harry himself is singing these songs.

The group (mainly comprised of Joe and Paul DeGeorge) released their last album last year, entitled “Remixes.” “It’s great,” says SHS student Heather Nale. “I’m actually planning on going to see them in Louisville June 1st.” The group hasn’t officially stated where they will be appearing, but if it’s anything like their other tour locations, it’s probably going to be somewhere pretty low key. “Most of their concerts are at larger libraries,” says Nale. “From what I’ve seen though, the audience doesn’t mind.”

The group says the may be looking to release a new album in 2011. Whether they do or don’t we’ve got plenty of creative music to listen to until they do. With more than six albums of pure Harry Potter themed Alt. songs, you’ve got some listening to do.