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Arthur Review

By Megan Hoskins.

One of the movies that will make you laugh so hard you will bust a gut is the new movie Arthur, which is directed by Jason Winer. Arthur is about a lazy drunk (Russell Brand) who is also the heir of a large fortune, but this mother threatens to cut him off. Now keep in mind that Arthur has never worked a day in this life and he might have to get a job to survive. But Arthur’s mother gives him an ultimatum: if he marries Susan (Jennifer Garner) an impressive business woman, who could turn his life around. But after Arthur is forced into proposing to Susan he meets a girl that he loves, and could possibly love him back. Continue reading


Hop: The Best Family Movie Out?

By: Megan Hoskins

‘Hop’ made by Disney is a cute little movie about a bunny named B.E (voiced by Russell Brand) who is destined to be the Easter Bunny, but he doesn’t want to do what his father wants him to do. So B.E runs away to California where he meets Fred O’Hare (James Marsden) a couch potato who gets kicked out of his parents’ house and he needs to find a job.  Freed helps B.E achieve his dream and B.E helps him in return with a surprise I can’t talk about. Fred really connects with B.E because when Fred was younger he saw the Easter Bunny deliver an Easter Basket to his house. This movie is adorable, and is appropriate for the whole family. This is a seasonal movie that could be compared to ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ because the talking animals are made with the same affects.  So next time you want to see a cute little movie take the bunny trail to see ‘Hop.’

Top Gun- Classic Movie Review

What is the first thing you think of when you hear eighties movie? Quirky? Maybe even annoying? Well, upon review of my personal opinion, “Top Gun” is definitely not annoying. Top Gun is filled with action, great music, comedy, and even some fluffy romance in there as well.

“Top Gun” is about a hot shot pilot, going by the name of Maverick, whose family history is marred by the death of his father in a flying accident. Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, never plays by the rules.  He gets sent to Top Gun Naval Flying School with his best friend and wing mate Goose. There they meet Iceman, played by Val Kilmer, who is the best in the school and the opposite of Maverick. Along the way, big surprise from an eighties movie, Maverick magically is connected to the aircraft instructor nicknamed Charlie, who is also in the CIA, played by Kelly McGillis.


“My favorite part was when Goose died,” Mr. Deirth says, about the film, “It gave the movie more depth, because before that is all like ‘Oh my, great balls of fire!’’  Though this is a spoiler, Mr. Deirth is correct about the change of pace that the death of Goose gives to the story line.


After having a synopsis read to her, Junior Payton Jones says that she’d really like to see it. Sophomore Chandra Ingram says, “I really like it. My favorite part was when the family sings ‘Great Balls of Fire’.”

If you haven’t seen “Top Gun”, I highly recommend watching it. This film proves that not all eighties movies suck!

Paul Movie Review

At first I didn’t have high hopes for this movie. When I saw the trailer, I gave a resounding “mehhh”, I actually almost didn’t go and see it. I finally broke down and went over spring break, and I must say, I was happily surprised with what I saw.

Continue reading