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By Amber Hollen. is a book written by Liane Shaw about her own struggle with an eating disorder. In the book, Maddie has anorexia nervosa but she won’t
admit that to herself. It all started when Maddie’s mom wanted her to go to the doctor for a checkup at the age that teenagers start to gain weight easily. Her doctor told her to start watching what she puts in her mouth so that she could manage her weight without having to diet. Maddie took that as that she was fat, and she started to starve herself, counting every calorie in any bite she put in her mouth.

Eventually people started to notice that she was losing tons of weight, and they told her she looked good. People started to ask her what her secret to losing weight is, and that motivated her to keep losing more and more weight. When her friends were talking behind Maddie’s back in the library about how she looks horrible because she is so skinny, Maddie couldn’t figure out why. She was confused because at first people said she needed to lose weight, but now they were saying she weighs too little. Maddie is sent to an inpatient rehab center to recover from the anorexia that she denied to herself that she had.

“Books about eating disorders get annoying after a while,” Angie Hollen says. “Because they are all about the same thing, and say the same things.” This book is different than all of the other annoying books about eating disorders because it isn’t just a journal of her stay at the rehab center. It is half of a journal and half of a summary of how she developed an eating disorder. Some parts are in past tense, and some parts are in present tense, because she is looking back on her life while telling her life now. On a scale of one to ten I would give this book an eight because it is kind of slow to get interested in, but at the same time it keeps you interested in her stay at rehab because she rejects the help the doctors try to give her, and sneaks around to bend the rules, but that results in her finding out a huge secret that is devastating to her.


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