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Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review #999999

By Sara Abbott

Welcome to “Game On!” the column where I review one card each week on how strong it is, what kind of deck would this card work in, and the pros and cons of the card. Today I will review the card “Destiny Board” “Destiny Board” is one of the many special ways to win a duel other than decreasing your opponent’s life points to 0. When this trap card is activated, during each of your standby phase, you add 1 of the different “Spirit Message” cards in alphabetical order from your hand or deck onto the spell/trap zone.
Although this is an easier way than lowering your opponent’s life points, “Destiny Board” can be also harder to win with. If “Destiny Board” is destroyed before all the “Spirit Message” cards are in play, then the “Spirit Message” cards already on the field are destroyed as well. Plus each card takes up a slot in the spell/trap zone, which means you can’t set any traps to stop your opponent from trying to destroy “Destiny Board”. Unique circumstances aside, it is best to play “Destiny Board” in an “occult” deck.
An “occult” deck is a deck that focuses on cards that focus on the supernatural like “The Headless Knight”, “Dark Necrofear”, “Ectoplasmer”, and “Malice Doll of Demise”. It’s also best to have a “Trap Master” in this deck, just to be safe.
So, in conclusion, although “Destiny Board” is 1 of many alternate ways to win a duel, it is best to have a plan before you try to play it. That’s all for this week, see you next time here at “Game On!”.


Hollen Reviews Orange Ribbon Celebration

By Amber Hollen

On Friday, April 29, ten SADD members traveled to Danville Indiana’s fairgrounds to an Orange Ribbon Celebration. Orange Ribbon is where SADD clubs of Indiana meet together and share ideas, workshops, and have a T-shirt swap. Craig Tourniquet, the comedian entertained the crowd for an hour doing the routine he always does for the freshman orientation. There was a celebration of the retirement of the founder of SADD, and the theme of this year was everyday super heroes meaning that everyday SADD students promote safe choices that can save lives.
“I had a lot of fun in the workshops,” Rebecca Rodgers says. “My favorite was the teen talk with Craig.” The thirty minute workshops were available to teach the teens about the dangers of texting and driving, and other dangerous decisions. The teens were allowed to try out a driving simulator and pretended to text while driving to show how it would affect your driving. Another activity was the quick click challenge. There is a truck with all four doors opened, and from each school there is a team of four people who want to participate. Each member runs to one seat, quickly buckles the seat belt, throws their hands in the air, and when the whistle blows they dart to the next seat to do it over. Each person buckles each seatbelt one time. Whichever team gets the fastest time wins.
Even if you weren’t physically participating in the activities, you had fun because everyone there gets involved. Everyone has fun and it is a good cause.

The Royal Wedding: A Waste of Time?

By: Paige DeNardi

The hype about the Royal Wedding has been everywhere, from magazines, to T.V. you name it. Everyone wanted to know what Kate was going to wear, who designed the dress, would she cry etc. With all this excitement I expected the wedding to be some earth shattering event…it wasn’t. Lasting on some programs for about 5 and a half hours, and on TLC all day long, the event was more of a nuisance than anything.
“I remember trying to look for delays the news,” says SHS Senior Zeb Ehringer. “All that was on was the stupid wedding, so I couldn’t even figure out if we had school.” Starting at approximately 5 in the morning, the wedding was quite the annoyance, all for a couple in England that doesn’t have one single thing to do with America.
Many people, as did I, thought the wedding was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They saw visions of jewel covered horse drawn carriages, a princess in a giant ball gown, and they expected it to be the most romantic thing they’d ever seen in their lives. “I was sadly disappointed,” says SHS sophomore Nicole Clark . “The wedding was kind of boring, and her dress wasn’t as fantastic as they said it was going to be.” Indeed it wasn’t. In fact Kate Middleton’s dress was identical to that of Grace Kelley’s.
In all honesty, Royal Weddings are stupid. Yes, it’s great that the prince found love and all that, but well so did millions of other people and their weddings were more exciting. Maybe it had lasted less time it would have pulled in more viewers, and been just a tad more exciting. By the time they got to their first public kiss on the balcony, I expected them to pass out from exhaustion or something. All in all, it wasn’t worth the almost 20 years it took to watch.

Amber Reviews

By Amber Hollen. is a book written by Liane Shaw about her own struggle with an eating disorder. In the book, Maddie has anorexia nervosa but she won’t
admit that to herself. It all started when Maddie’s mom wanted her to go to the doctor for a checkup at the age that teenagers start to gain weight easily. Her doctor told her to start watching what she puts in her mouth so that she could manage her weight without having to diet. Maddie took that as that she was fat, and she started to starve herself, counting every calorie in any bite she put in her mouth. Continue reading

Arthur Review

By Megan Hoskins.

One of the movies that will make you laugh so hard you will bust a gut is the new movie Arthur, which is directed by Jason Winer. Arthur is about a lazy drunk (Russell Brand) who is also the heir of a large fortune, but this mother threatens to cut him off. Now keep in mind that Arthur has never worked a day in this life and he might have to get a job to survive. But Arthur’s mother gives him an ultimatum: if he marries Susan (Jennifer Garner) an impressive business woman, who could turn his life around. But after Arthur is forced into proposing to Susan he meets a girl that he loves, and could possibly love him back. Continue reading

Atwood Hypes Warped Tour

By Becca Atwood

Warped Tour is the biggest musical event for alternative teenagers that like to meet the bands and meet other teenagers just like them from around the surrounding area. Every year, thousands of teenagers and hundreds of bands gather to bring the largest music festival for ten hours. Continue reading

Tom Scifres Says Goodbye

By: Paige DeNardi

Girls’ soccer coach of nearly 5 years, Tom Scifres is calling it quits. “I’m coaching a younger team this year,” says Scifres. “I’ll still be doing Futsal (a recreational practice) at Bradie Shrum every Saturday though.” He says he enjoys coaching, but he would like to enjoy watching his daughters soccer games and not coaching them. “Brittany, my daughter, is going to be a Senior next soccer season and I’d like her to enjoy it, and me be able to support her instead of having to be the one who tells her what she’s doing wrong.” Continue reading