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Sparks the Rescue’s album has to be one of “The Worst Things I’ve been Cursed With,” because it’s so Addictive

With the newest release of  Worst Thing I’ve been Cursed With  Pop-Punk band Sparks the Rescue exceptionally display their talents, finally making headway into Fearless Records music industry. This underdog band has got the ball in their court for this year, or rather- they have one heck of a singer at the microphone.


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A Response to the Recent Uproar on The Cub

Today was the first day of the voting for the Senior Superlatives. It was also one of our biggest days of the year in terms of traffic. Due to this huge increase in traffic, old stories that had gone unnoticed suddenly were thrust into the limelight. This happened specifically to a certain opinion piece by Heather Nale, entitled “NHS Dinner Fashion FAIL”. The article generated an enormous amount of response, much of it very negative.

So I would like to take a moment to explain The Cub’s editorial policy and its stance on this entire issue.

To begin with, it is and always has been the policy of The Cub to publish opinion articles, regardless of whether we agree with it or not. It is my opinion that any opinion, regardless of how unpopular it may be, deserves to be heard and evaluated on its own merits, and the author of that opinion should not be subjected to hate or intimidation from anyone. If the author is allowed to be threatened and be a target of such vitriolic comments, then their right to free speech is encroached upon. The correct way to respond to an opinion piece (and the article was clearly labeled as such) is by clear, informed discussion and disagreement. I agree that the tone of the article was in some parts rather bad and condescending, but that is not good reason to respond to it in kind. I would also like to point out that Heather did not use any names or anything else that could link any specific person with the topic of her article. The commentors on the other hand, had a very specific target in mind, and were not afraid to let everyone know just what they thought of her.

Personally, I think this is a huge overreaction to an opinion article, and does more to damage the image of the members of the Salem NHS than this (otherwise) obscure article would ever have done.  Is this the correct way to act over a short opinion piece published on this site? I don’t think so.

So, while I think that Heather could have worded her piece differently, I believe that she has every right to voice her opinion without being shouted down by a group of people that are supposed to be the very best of Salem High School.

The Royal Wedding: A Waste of Time?

By: Paige DeNardi

The hype about the Royal Wedding has been everywhere, from magazines, to T.V. you name it. Everyone wanted to know what Kate was going to wear, who designed the dress, would she cry etc. With all this excitement I expected the wedding to be some earth shattering event…it wasn’t. Lasting on some programs for about 5 and a half hours, and on TLC all day long, the event was more of a nuisance than anything.
“I remember trying to look for delays the news,” says SHS Senior Zeb Ehringer. “All that was on was the stupid wedding, so I couldn’t even figure out if we had school.” Starting at approximately 5 in the morning, the wedding was quite the annoyance, all for a couple in England that doesn’t have one single thing to do with America.
Many people, as did I, thought the wedding was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They saw visions of jewel covered horse drawn carriages, a princess in a giant ball gown, and they expected it to be the most romantic thing they’d ever seen in their lives. “I was sadly disappointed,” says SHS sophomore Nicole Clark . “The wedding was kind of boring, and her dress wasn’t as fantastic as they said it was going to be.” Indeed it wasn’t. In fact Kate Middleton’s dress was identical to that of Grace Kelley’s.
In all honesty, Royal Weddings are stupid. Yes, it’s great that the prince found love and all that, but well so did millions of other people and their weddings were more exciting. Maybe it had lasted less time it would have pulled in more viewers, and been just a tad more exciting. By the time they got to their first public kiss on the balcony, I expected them to pass out from exhaustion or something. All in all, it wasn’t worth the almost 20 years it took to watch.

American Idol: Better or Worse?


Megan Hoskins


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Let’s Not Skip any of the Details about Senior Skip Day

By Brittany Campbell
Senior Skip Day is a secretly scheduled day when the seniors of a high school decide to skip class and do something else, and it has become traditional amongst high schools all across Canada and the United States. Senior Skip Day is usually a date chosen by the popular students of the senior class, and after that the word of mouth leads the information to spread among the students like a wildfire. SSD is a day when these students celebrate their upcoming graduation, and try to find relaxation and fulfillment on one special day of their high school careers dedicated especially to themselves by themselves. SSD is also a temporary relief for “Senoritis,” in most cases. But there is no ‘get out of jail free card,’ for SSD. Most public schools treat it as a regular unexcused absence; however- some schools are extra careful of how they handle SSD, placing extra precautions around to keep students on campus, such as police reinforcements.
What most people don’t know about student absences is that a lot of the time, student attendance is tied in with direct correlation to the amount of funding a school may receive from the state. Funding for things such as desired athletics, extracurricular events, and elective classes for students. In one article written in 2010 by The Bay Eagle, ( ) SSD led to a severe loss of funding for the El Segundo School District. This district lost $38.36 of funding for any student absent on any day of the school year. So, lets say 300 seniors took part in their 2010 SSD. That would mean that the school district would lose $11,508 in a single day. Which is what happened. The school had to cut their JV football team to help cover their expenses, since just the JV team cost $4,000 a year at the time. The school was also forced to give faculty members a notice saying that their jobs were in jeopardy, all because the loss of state funding on SSD. In another article written by Sherry Parmet, it was said that it is common for about one fourth of the seniors in a class to ditch on SSD. Principal Rick Schmitt of Torrey Pines High school stated that “Good old-fashioned senior ditch days are in every school, but I think all of us are more tuned into this now because of the budget,” he said. “We get nearly $44 per student per day, and when students don’t show up we don’t get a penny.”
To prevent students form ditching on SSD, some schools call the parents ahead of time once they get wind of the date planned for SSD. “When talking to parents, we try to play on their guilt,” said Assistant Principal David Hall of San Dieguito High School Academy. “We tell them that this money that we lost would pay for a quarter’s worth of paint in our paint class, or district wide it would pay for an instructional assistant.” Another method of preventing students from skipping on SSD is for teachers to schedule something important on the planned date, like a test or lab work.
Even though SSD can put a big hole in some school’s financial wallets, most states allow schools to regain funding from students who are absent by sending them to Saturday school for them reattribute their lost school hours back into cash for school programs. So, even though it may be fun to get out of school and satisfy that irritating “Senoritis,” think about the extracurricular classes you love- classes such as choir or art. Then imagine your school without them because your school has to be able to afford such classes, of which they can no longer do because of missing students. At that point, I think most of us will be reconsidering our decisions for SSD.

Butt-Kicking Vampires May Not Suck, but Season 1 of True Blood Sure Does

By Brittany Campbell

You know your favorite book series is horrible as a TV show when one of the main actors can’t even pronounce his love interest’s name correctly. So yes, if you are a loyal fan of Charlaine Harris’s book series, the Sookie Stackhouse novels, you will be greatly disappointed by the TV production released by HBO. After a whole season of hearing “Sucky, Sucky, Sucky,” instead of the name “Sookie,” actor Stephan Moyer was definitely describing my opinion of the True Blood TV show as a whole. Since I am a huge fan of the book series, I thought I could give him another chance- thinking that maybe by the end of the season he would be able to pronounce the name Sookie correctly.  Wrong, he still couldn’t pronounce it even by episode 12, now I have lost all hope on the improvement of his speech impediment.

Compared to its marvelous literature counterpart, the TV reproduction is absolutely atrocious. It is a disgrace to the book series and a disgrace to TV, having been morphed into something that will discourage people from even reading the books. All HBO did to the book series before releasing it on television is add a bunch of adult content and cast horrible actors to play the roles.

Most people who did not read the books tend to like the TV production, but those who have read the books tend to have an opinion of dislike for the show. I can give the first season props that it did follow through in staying with the book’s plot, but the details that were added to fill in the time slot of an hour of airtime were not needed and they were twisted into ruining the potential of the show. In conclusion, to quote my friend Stephan Moyer the first season of True Blood is utterly and truly  “Sucky.”

Why not take a risk, and go “Barefoot,” at Actors?

By Brittany Campbell
If you’re full of life, like actress Jane Pfitsch then you will most likely enjoy one of the newest productions at actors theater in Louisville called, “Barefoot in the Park.” The play stars Pfitsch herself as Corie Bratter a newly wed to rising lawyer Paul Bratter (played by Lee Aaron Rosen). Having yet to adjust to married life, the couple start facing many emotional and financial difficulties on every front except the honey moon, where both of the characters seem to fit in quite well. As a romantic comedy, the play was only entertaining because the theater cast some exceptionally good actors in the play, people that knew what they were doing and not the fresh meat. The script itself as a play could have easily failed because it had hardly any substance in the plot. But, luckily the actors were well accomplished and able to pull the play off without boring the audience with many monologues in the same tone.
For example the actor of Paul Bratter, Mr. Rosen has had roles in the films “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Company K,” pair that with Peggy J. Scott who played Corie’s mother Ethyl in “Barefoot,” that has been in cinema productions such as “Finding Amanda,” “Serial,” “Pedalfoot,” and a Broadway production of “Is He Dead?” you give “Barefoot in the Park,” a chance for some pretty sophisticated acting. Another dynamic actor in “Barefoot,” was the brutal V Craig Heidnreich. The evidence behind this man’s awesomeness lies in Actor’s plays of the past, where Heidnreich played the very first Dracula in the play based off of Stoker’s classic. So, the reason he is dynamic is because Dracula is one of the best plays to be performed at Actors, or anywhere for that matter.
To end this review, “Barefoot,” as a whole was an excellent play, with an exceptional cast. If given the chance, I highly recommend going to see this play the next time it is preformed at Actors again, or wherever you may be. By looking at the program handout or glancing at the play on a first impression, “Barefoot,” may not seem worth your while, but I can guarantee that it is full of good laughs and funny jokes, some adult humor, and a delightfully tacky 70’s wardrobe to complete the whole concoction.